Terms & Conditions

In the Terms & Conditions any reference relating to: “our”, “we” or “us” is a direct connection to Complete Check House Inspections Limited.

The Terms & Conditions entail:

  • Recording the scope of the inspection
  • Providing an inspection report
  • Identifying the Terms of Trade
  • Confirming acceptance of Terms & Conditions via written approval

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The inspection will be carried out in accordance with the New Zealand Property Inspection Standards NZS 4306:2005 (“Standards”). You agree to be bound by the Standards. You can view a copy of the Standards at our office or you can purchase it from Standards New Zealand.

We confirm that the inspector has the necessary qualifications and experience to inspect the property in accordance with the Standards.

The inspection will be a visual inspection only of the parts of the property that the inspector has reasonable access to and are in their clear line of sight. The inspector will not carry out invasive testing of the property. A non­intrusive moisture meter or infrared camera (if available) will be used around accessible joinery and identified risk areas – but, these are an aid only and their results are not conclusive.
Reasonable access means safe and unobstructed access that has the following minimum clearances:

Roof exterior
Access from a 3.6 metre ladder

Roof interior
Access manhole:
450 by 400 mm
Crawl space:
600 by 600 mm
Access from a 3.6 metre ladder

Sub floor
Access manhole:
500 by 400mm
Crawl space:
Timber floor: 400 mm from the underside of the bearer
Concrete floor: 500 mm

The inspection will not include items or conditions that are hidden, concealed, camouflaged or difficult to inspect. The inspector will not move any of the occupier’s furniture, appliances or other items as part of the inspection.

The inspection will not assess compliance with the New Zealand Building Code (including structural elements and weathertightness requirements). You accept that any comments on weathertightness in the inspection report will be of a general nature only. A definitive
assessment of structural or weathertightness matters requires a specialist report and is beyond the scope of our inspection. The inspection report is not a guarantee or warranty of the current or future weathertightness of the property.

The inspector will not carry out a detailed assessment of the systems in the property. The inspector will do a superficial check of the hot water system, gas system, plumbing system and the electrical system (but limited to testing the accessible light switches and power
points). Any comments in the inspection report will be the opinion of the inspector only. The inspector is not a qualified plumber, gas fitter or electrician. The inspector will not inspect the air conditioning system, heat pumps, dishwashers, stoves, hobbs heating systems, aerials, intercom or security systems, spas or swimming pools.

Pursuant to the Standards, the following matters are not part of the scope of the inspection:
● The existence of any lead paint, asbestos, formaldehyde or any other toxic or flammable materials
● Underground drainage, private water or bore systems and any private sewage or stormwater management system on the property
● Any pest infestation or any health or environmental hazard
● The efficiency of any insulation or heating or cooling equipment
● The condition of any children’s play equipment

The inspection report is a general guide only. We do not warrant that the inspection report will be technically definitive or that every possible defect in the property will be discovered and noted in the inspection report. The inspection report will be a reasonable attempt to
identify any significant fault or defect in the property that can be seen from a visual inspection without invasive work or moving items.

The Standards define a “significant fault or defect” as a matter which requires substantial repairs or urgent attention and rectification.

You agree that (without limitation) faults or defects may not be included in the inspection report because:
● The fault or defect arose after the inspection
● The fault is intermittent and did not occur during the inspection
● The fault was not apparent from a visual inspection
● The fault only occurs during a particular type of weather which was not prevalent around the time of the inspection
● The fault or defect has been deliberately hidden or concealed
● Furniture, appliances or other items are hiding the fault or defect
● The inspector has been given incorrect information by the owner, occupier, real estate agent, you or any other person

The purpose of the inspection is to assess the general condition of the property based on a visual inspection as at the date of the inspection. We accept no liability for faults or defects which arise after the inspection.

We will give you a written report of the inspection. If you request any verbal advice from us, we accept no liability or responsibility for that verbal advice.

Any recommendations for repair or rectification works in the inspection report are only suggestions. It will be the responsibility of the person carrying out any building work to ensure that the appropriate work is undertaken to remedy the particular defect or fault and that any necessary building and other consents are obtained from the local authority. The contents of the inspection report are confidential. The inspection report is prepared solely for you and may not be relied on by any third party. We accept no responsibility or liability for anything done, or not done, by any third party in reliance on the inspection report.

Limitation of liability
Subject to any statutory provisions, our liability for any damage, loss, harm or injury arising from the inspection or the inspection report will be limited to a sum not exceeding our fee for the inspection report. We will not be liable to you for any consequential loss suffered by you or any third party. You indemnify us in relation to any claims against us by any third party.

If any dispute arises from the inspection or the inspection report, you must notify us in writing immediately.

You must allow us to investigate the subject matter of any dispute before carrying out any repairs (except in the case of emergency).

You agree that you waive any claim against us if you:
Enter into, or confirm, an agreement for sale and purchase for the property after raising the dispute but before the dispute has been resolved; or Repair, or attempt to repair, the subject matter of the dispute before we have inspected and investigated it (except in the case of emergency).

When you order an inspection report, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost of the report. If we subsequently find that additional work is needed, we will contact you to obtain your approval for any additional cost.

We will notify you once the inspection report has been completed. You must pay our fee for the report (including any penalties and other costs) before it will be released to you.

If you have not made payment in full within five working days of being notified that the inspection report has been completed, a penalty charge of 5% per month will be added to your account until payment is made in full.

You will pay all costs and expenses (including debt collection, enforcement and legal costs) resulting from any non­payment or other breach by you of these terms and conditions.

If you cancel an inspection within 24 hours of the scheduled inspection time, a cancellation fee of $100 is payable by you. No fee will be charged if you cancel an inspection more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection time.

It’s important you agree to the above terms and conditions before we can inspect your property.

After reading carefully, please reply using this form stating “I accept the terms and conditions” in the message field.